The Trout Fishers Handbook - A book review
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This is Lesley's 5th book. It's well written with lots of excellent photographs and is packed full of knowledge gained from her many years working as a trout-fishing guide in the wilds of the Caithness area of Scotland.

Pick up the Trout Fishers Handbook and the first thing that strikes you is that it is quite weighty, there's a Scots value for money here. The volume is presented as a total work of quality, the kind of book you know that you will be looking after. A book that in years to come will be well thumbed from regular browsing.

Although the accomplished trout angler is probably unlikely to benefit from this book quite as much as a part time trout fisher (like myself) there is still a lot here for him. Especially if he has been raised on the Southerners diet of still-water rainbows. This is because Lesley knows her native wild brownies, and how to catch them, inside out.?

The Handbook successfully attempts to bridge that difficult compromise of instructing the novice whilst not boring the accomplished. As you would expect, she covers the methods and flies to use in both still and running waters of all sizes and even has a few tips for saltwater seatrout. Tips on casting, seasonal feeding variations and weather patterns abound throughout the book, all written in a no-nonsense plain English, avoiding buzz words unless they are explained. It would be a little arrogant to assume that everything there is to know about trout fishing could be crammed into a couple of hundred pages, but all the basics are here, and a lot more. If I had to find something negative to say about this book, then here it is? Much of what is in the book is also on this website. That's it. But beware, carting your PC into bed to read for 10 mins before dropping off could make you unpopular with your partner!

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